Croatian WordNet v1.0

CroWN v1.0



Croatian wordnet (CroWN) is a semantic network of Croatian lexis. CroWN was built on the basis of Princeton WordNet v. 2.0 and synchronized at the end with the Princeton WordNet v. 3.0. Thus, CroWN is completely compatible with PWN 3.0 and, consequently, with all other wordnets mapped to it. It comprises 31,300 literals in 10,040 synsets. Out of all literals, 16,757 (53.54%) of them are nouns, 13,680 (43.7%) verbs, 857 (2.73%) adjectives and 6 (0.02%) of them are adverbs. As such, CroWN covers 98.87% of synsets from BCS 1, 2 and 3. This resource contains three export files from Croatian wordnet. All three files contain the same data. Two are of the XML type, but formatted according to different schema, and the third is in the JSON format.
Collaborators on CroWN development were: Ida Raffaelli, Krešimir Šojat, Daniela Katunar, Matea Srebačić, Vanja Štefanec, Ana Agić, Daša Berović, Lejla Čolić, Marko Tadić, Božo Bekavac, Željko Agić, Igor Marko Gligorić, Ana Ban.

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