Local Government Documentation

This corpus is a collection of different governmental resources, containing two types of documents: minutes, which were taken during local council meetings (covering the years from 2007 till 2010) and memorandums (covering from 2008 till 2011).
This corpus, consisting of raw text files and comma separated values (CSV) files, is the percentage that could be extracted from the original corpus.
Some issues arise due to Maltese characters. It is important to note that not all documents contain the right Maltese characters. Some documents may replace:
ġ -> g ; ż -> z ; ħ -> h ; ċ -> c
With those being on the right hand side also Maltese characters, except c. Furthermore, in some of the documents, the keyboard equivalence of the character is printed, rather than the character itself (and this is also dependent on whether the user made use of the 47 or 48-key keyboard layout).

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