PAROLE-SIMPLE LexInfo Ontology

PAROLE-SIMPLE LexInfo Ontology


The Parole/Simple 'lexinfo' Ontology is the OWL version of the Parole & Simple model (defined during the PAROLE LE2-4017
and SIMPLE LE4-8346 projects) once mapped to Lexinfo Model ("").

This data set has been published as Linked Open Data in the Data Hub (

The goal of SIMPLE project was to add semantic information, selected for its relevance for LE applications, to the set
of harmonised multifunctional lexica built for 12 European languages by the PAROLE consortium. PAROLE +SIMPLE lexicons
contain morphological, syntactic and semantic information, organised according to a common model and to common linguistic

The original Parole/Simple model expressed in the parole DTD has been mapped into the Lexinfo model (
Thus the resulting Parole/Simple Ontology imports the Lexinfo Ontology and adds 'parole elements' (classes and/or properties)
whenever these cannot be mapped to any 'lexinfo element'.

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  • PAROLE/SIMPLE lexicon model defined during the PAROLE LE2-4017 and SIMPLE LE4-8346 projects.