git branch: metanord_validate

WordTies (http: wordties.cst.dk) is a web interface developed in METANORD which visualizes the METANORD multilingual wordnet initiative concerned with the validation and pilot linking between Nordic and Baltic wordnets. Source code available under MIT License.

Download: Instructions for obtaining or reviewing the project source code:

1. Source code archive (zip-format) can be downloaded via the following address
- https://github.com/meaton/andreord-public/archive/metanord_validate.zip

2. To review source code files, clone or fork the project branch browse to the Github project address
- https://github.com/meaton/andreord-public/tree/metanord_validate

3. Readme documentation is available at the following address
- https://github.com/meaton/andreord-public/tree/metanord_validate#readme

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