The Bulgarian-English Sentence- and Clause-Aligned Corpus




The Bulgarian-English Sentence- and Clause-Aligned Corpus (BulEnAC) is an excerpt from the Bulgarian-English Parallel Corpus – a part of the Bulgarian National Corpus (BulNC). The Bulgarian-English Parallel Corpus has been processed at several levels: tokenisation, sentence splitting, lemmatisation. The processing has been performed using the Bulgarian language processing chain for the Bulgarian part and Apache OpenNLP and Stanford CoreNLP for the English part.

The BulEnAC consists of 176,397 tokens for Bulgarian and 190,468 for English (366,865 tokens altogether). Sentences are 30,385 (14,667 Bulgarian sentences (12.02 words per sentence on average) and 15,718 English sentences (12.11 words per sentence). The average number of clauses in a sentence in the Bulgarian part is 1.67 compared to 1.85 clauses per sentence for the English part.

The texts are distributed over five broad categories, called 'styles': administrative, fiction, science, journalism, and subtitles. The corpus is represented in XML format and is supplied with various linguistic annotation – monolingual for both Bulgarian and English (sentence splitting, tokenisation, lemmatisation, POS and grammatical tagging), and parallel (sentence and clause alignment).

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